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Hi, I'm Tristan

a self-taught web developer

About me

Hello ! My name is Tristan Berger, I'm a 24 years old engineer aspiring to become a full-stack developer.

I have one year of experience as an electronic engineer, but I decided in September 2021 to jump into the world of web development. I started this journey by myself following online courses and creating my own projects.

I chose to embark on this reconversion because I have always loved coding, I feel like web development fits for me and that it is an environment in which I will flourish. I feel comfortable when I develop and I am extremely motivated to learn and progress to one day excel in this field.

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My Skills

Since the beginning of my journey, I use online resources such as openClassrooms, Codecademy etc.. to learn languages of the web, but I also followed courses about web fundamentals, SEO and accessibility which were notions I didn’t know much about.

My past experiences allowed me to have a solid fundation in programming, so it made it a bit easier to learn HTML/CSS/JS/React and PHP.

To develop my skills as much as possible, i’ve completed FrontendMentor challenges, and I've made some personal projects.

Some projects

Twitter Clone

A clone of the social network Twitter in PHP. The user has access to many twitter features (tweet, retweet, like, follow, quotes, mentions notifications etc...). This project is a real challenge because of its complexity, but also because it is my first experience with PHP. I decided not to use a framework in order to get familiar with this new language.

  • SASS
  • JS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • MVC
clofus project preview

Netflix Clone

A Netflix clone built with react, allowing to see trailers and important information of the movies. Firebase is used for authentication, and the movies are taken from The Movie Database API. Users can filter movies by category, but also search for any movie available in the database using the search bar.

  • SASS
  • React
  • API
  • Firebase
netflix project preview

Clofus mini-game

A Javascript coded mini-game greatly inspired by the MMORPG Dofus. The game includes a home map in which the user can move freely thanks to the implementation of Dijkstra pathfinding algorithm . Then, the user has access to a tactical battle quite complex. In order to obtain a very powerful object, he has to cross a labyrinth protected by a monster.

  • SASS
  • JS
clofus project preview

FrontendMentor Challenge

Space tourism

A challenge proposed by Frontend Mentor. The challenge was to build out a multi-page space tourism website and get it looking as close to the design as possible. I discovered the power of utility classes and custom properties. The website follows ARIA specifications, is fully responsive, and uses JavaScript to dynamically change the content.

  • SASS
  • JS
  • Custom properties
  • Utility classes
space tourism project preview


The website on which you are currently, realized without framework, in English and French, with redirection according to the country of the user. This website is fully accessible, it follows ARIA specifications and is optimized for SEO (tested with lighthouse). Firebase is used for the back-end, its realtime database to store datas from the contact form, as well as the cloud functions to send me an email when modifying the database ( nodemailer with OAuth2.0 protocol ).

  • SASS
  • JS
  • Firebase
portfolio project preview

Contact me

Currently open to work, feel free to contact me !

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